• Eliminate repetition

    Get the most out of your manpower.

    Use automation to remove routine tasks (like checklist validation and application routing) from a recruiter’s day and refocus their energies on high-value activities best suited for people, like driver engagement and retention efforts.

  • Find and hire more drivers

    Discover the power of pre-population.

    Unburden your drivers with the only mobile-first, DOT-compliant application that prefills their information 84% of the time. This greatly increases the number of full DOT apps you receive, and more full applications gets you more hires.

  • Increase productivity

    Shift your hiring into overdrive.

    A slow hiring process can mean missing out on great applications and losing money on trucks that sit empty. See a 50-100% increase in staff productivity and an improved time to hire when you accelerate your process from VOE to hire.


Our signature solution – an online, DOT-compliant application preferred by drivers for its pre-population powers. IntelliApp lets drivers complete their application in minutes, which lowers drop-off rates, ensures more accurate data, improves recruiting productivity, and reduces time-to-hire.


Serves as an all-in-one driver-lifecycle management platform that is constantly evolving to automate, streamline, and simplify your marketing, recruiting, onboarding, safety, and retention efforts – all while helping to keep you compliant.


Makes verifying and providing employment verifications simple by eliminating the time-intensive process associated with faxing employment requests and searching through paper files.

Advanced Automation

Removes routine tasks from a recruiter’s day to ensure consistency, freeing teams to concentrate on high-value activities that are best suited for people.

Success Center

Measure recruiter performance and track improvements over time. Reports can be emailed at predetermined intervals to anybody in or outside your organization.

Goal Tracking

Helps you easily track, manage, and reach your organizational goals. Set goals for recruiting, orientation, and drivers – and instantly measure your progress.

Affirmative Action Reporting

Ensures employers with 100+ employees meet government compliance regulations by providing a complete picture of all of your job seekers, job candidates, and hires.

Driver Pulse App

Drastically expedites your recruiting efforts by showcasing your company to over 190,000 drivers a month, resulting in fresh applications and new hires at no cost to you. Available on iOS and Android.

Adverse Action

Streamlines many of the repetitive tasks of sending letters and uses email automation to notify applicants of the use of consumer reports to make hiring/firing decisions.

IntelliApp Now

Connects your recruiters with your candidates in real-time by notifying your team when candidates submit the answers you’re looking for.

Pulse Video Chat

Personalize the recruiting process with video call technology. Pulse Video Chat allows recruiters to communicate live or leave video messages with individual driver prospects. Drivers can view these messages or take video calls right from the Driver Pulse app where they already manage their driving careers.

Text Messaging

Text candidates directly from within Xpress to reach drivers who live primarily on the road and use their mobile devices to manage their job search.

Custom Report Wizard

Leverages application data, demographics, tags, goals, and subject details to provide powerful reporting that helps you analyze your data and find meaningful takeaways.


Time-saving integration that returns a full report in approximately 60 seconds without ever leaving your Tenstreet dashboard.

Status Change Tagging

Configure tags to automatically display when you change a driver’s status, making it easier to add all the necessary information for a given driver without needing to remember a thing.

Included Services

Our software was designed with the transportation industry in mind. These free, configurable options are automatically built-in and included:

  • Application Center
  • Autoresponder
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Checklists
  • Driver Pulse App
  • Import Tool
  • Messages Templates
  • Scoring
  • Status Notifications
  • Tags
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    We’ll equip you on your fight forward.
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Hire More Drivers, Faster

7 Ways the Intelliapp Shifts your Hiring into Overdrive

Learn more about the power of pre-population and how this online, mobile-first, DOT-compliant application will work to deliver you more applications and more hires.

  • “Before using the IntelliApp, we used a web application with complicated validation rules, making it challenging to obtain the required DOT data. It also didn’t offer a way to track driver application progress, so we couldn’t see where drivers were falling off. When drivers started asking for the IntelliApp by name, we looked into it and signed up. We have been thrilled with the results! It does everything our old application couldn’t and stores drivers’ information for them– making it quicker for them to complete and guaranteeing us more full applications.”

    Pamela Caraway, Director of Recruiting- TransAm Trucking

  • “There’s a lot of software products out there that are not built for the volume of applications that are coming in today. We’re able to open the door from what we used to be able to process – for example, given 100 applications, I can pass through tenfold of that today with much more ease for my recruiters.”

    Joe Goering, ATS

  • “From recruiting drivers to building a paperless driver qualification file to safety – the savings in time and effort by integrating so fully with Tenstreet has been phenomenal. Our entire company likes Tenstreet; we use it thoroughly with every driver.”

    Tim Norlin, Roehl- VP of Driver Employment

  • “We have been working with Tenstreet for almost ten years. Tenstreet has completely changed how we operate and recruit drivers. It has made us all more efficient and able to get drivers to work in a more timely manner. We would recommend Tenstreet to anyone without hesitation!”

    Deborah Johnson, Prime Drivers

  • “In the two years we have been working with the Tenstreet application and the supporting account management team, neither has disappointed! The application is straight forward and very efficient. By design it allows flexibility to accommodate our internal processes. The icing on the cake is our account representative who provides stellar customer service. Her accuracy and response times are amazing! We are all-around happy customers.”

    Lacy Justice, ISP Logistics

  • “I have been using Tenstreet over the better part of my time in recruiting. What I will say is besides saving me money on lost apps, disorganization and missing information they have also been a huge advantage in all our driver recruiting efforts. Their system is completely adaptable to your needs and their always eagerly innovating new and exciting ways to make the process more efficient. I would place my stamp of approval and endorse them to the ends of the recruiting world based on my experiences and am proud to have them as a partner of any sorts!”

    Charles Gracey, Hot Seat Inc.

  • “Tenstreet isn’t just an applicant tracking system, it’s a tool that helps us hire. There are so many tools that we use that don’t just help us get applications, but help get those applications to hire. When I’m talking to my peers, it’s easy for me to sit back and say, ‘I’m very comfortable with Tenstreet, and here’s what they do for us.’”

    Rob Hatchett, Director of Recruiting- Covenant Transport

  • “Xchange speeds up the verification process and the system works well.”

    Tamina Rawlins, TWIC Manager- Freymiller

  • “Filling out forms by hand and faxing is so 1980s! With Tenstreet, I can complete verifications in just a couple of keystrokes, or even from my smartphone.”

    Jesse Hauskins, Recruiter- ZIPP Express & Logistics

Our comprehensive software solution streamlines truck driver recruiting. Say goodbye to manual entry, cumbersome forms, and complex workflows.

Expect major gains in efficiency from driver recruiter software that’s sophisticated yet simple to use, especially from these heavy hitters:

  • IntelliApp: A paperless application that pre-populates driver info on forms, lets drivers apply through a mobile app, and allows for digital signatures on disclosures and authorizations.
  • Xpress: An all-in-one system for driver recruiting, document management, and verification processes.
  • Xchange: An electronic means of process employment verifications that allows for expedited requests and DOT verifications, reporting, and more.

These software solutions integrate seamlessly with any truck driver recruitment process, allowing for more completed applications and less time wasted.

Our software solutions are designed for drivers. All our truck driver recruiting processes are paperless, and drivers also benefit from the pre-populated forms feature of our IntelliApp software. Just fill out your information once, and you won’t need to do it again.

Drivers save time through our digitized signature option. Rather than going through the time-intensive process of printing forms, signing, scanning, and faxing, drivers can simply view forms through a web browser and sign off immediately.

If you’re looking for a job, our Driver Pulse app conveniently connects drivers with recruiters. Build a profile, submit applications, and view the status of your applications, all in the palm of your hand.

Tenstreet software for truck driver recruiters helps save time while filling seats. By offering digital signature technology and advanced automation services, recruiters will see higher rates of completed application forms.

Our Xpress software helps accelerate your hiring process by providing real-time statistics and powerful tracking tools in a paperless environment, while Xchange can process driver verifications in minutes.

For the on-the-go truck driver recruiter, the Tenstreet Dashboard Mobile app makes it easy to connect with drivers from a mobile device.

Truck driver recruiting has its fair share of challenges. It’s no secret that as the trucking and logistics industries grow, so too does the demand for qualified drivers.

Driver recruiters today face several challenges.

1. High turnover

According to the American Trucking Association, the turnover rate for large truckload carriers was as high as 98% in 2017. High turnover rates put pressure on truck driving recruiters to continually fill positions.

2. Aging drivers

With the average age of drivers holding steady at 50, more and more truck drivers are looking towards retirement in the next few years. The aging truck driver demographic will leave a massive void in the industry if younger people aren’t recruited..

3. Driver age limits

Attracting younger drivers is difficult since the age limit for a driver is 21 years old. This limit automatically excludes those just graduating high school from entering the workforce.

The benefits of using Tenstreet software for recruiting truck drivers include:

  • Connecting drivers with recruiters: The IntelliApp’s database is comprised of over 4 million drivers with over 19.5 million applications on file from drivers who have worked at more than 55,400 companies. This vast network allows plenty of opportunities for a trucking recruiter and a driver to connect.
  • Save both drivers and recruiters time: For drivers, Tenstreet software removes any time-wasting, repetitive data entry with our auto-populate applications. Recruiters save time through streamlined work processes such as consolidation of documentation, automatic verification, and improved tracking solutions.
  • Compliant with federal and state law: All of Tenstreet’s software solutions are fully compliant with federal and state law. For instance, the IntelliApp automatically configures your application questions to comply with the latest Ban the Box and Pay Equity Laws.
  • Improved communication: Communicating between driver and recruiter is made easy with our software. Use your iPhone or Android to communicate effortlessly and track communication through our mobile app.