• Lean on our trucking expertise


    Finding time to learn about trucking rules and regulations has always been a challenge. With Tenstreet, you don’t have to. Our deep industry knowledge, years of combined experience, and expert advice help you stay ahead of the DOT so you can focus on your unique business goals.

  • Maximize your software

    Eliminate siloed work.

    Tenstreet’s products are built to work with your HRIS system, so data automatically flows where your team needs it. Spend less time manually transferring data and spend more time strategizing on your fleet operations. Visit our Integrations page to see a full list of our partner services.

  • Get on the hiring fast-track


    Reduce time-to-hire and see improvements in cost-savings across the company through Tenstreet’s driver-focused recruiting services. Watch as your teams become more efficient through automation. With a more driver-friendly process, your teams get to take back control over your hiring outcomes.


Our signature solution – a mobile-first, DOT-compliant application that pre-fills their information 84% of the time. IntelliApp pre-fills applications with previously saved information, letting drivers complete their apps in minutes, which lowers drop-off rates, ensures more accurate data, improves recruiting productivity, and reduces time-to-hire.

Driver Pulse App

Drastically expedites your recruiting efforts by showcasing your company to over 190,000 drivers a month, resulting in fresh applications and new hires at no cost to you. Driver Pulse is available on iOS and Android.

Pulse Match

Shows your job postings to candidates who meet the qualifications you’ve set for the position, keeping scattershot applicants out of your pool. Only pay a low price-per-application when you get one, and not a thing until then.

Job Store

Makes advertising easy by listing your openings on over 20 popular job boards, including many trucking specific sites, all through one platform. Job Store makes attribution effective because you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing Concierge

Guides you on your hiring journey so you get the most out of your marketing dollars. This free service can help you write effective job postings, ensure your landing pages are properly staged, manage your recruitment dollars across our merchant base, and show you which boards work best for you.


Tired of faxing VOEs? Over 50% of your verifications can be handled electronically via Xchange. Xchange makes verifying and providing employment verifications simple by eliminating the time-intensive process associated with faxing employment requests and searching through paper files.


Serves as a powerful driver-management platform that is constantly evolving to automate, streamline, and simplify your marketing, recruiting, onboarding, and safety efforts.


We’ve joined forces with other leaders in the trucking industry to create simple, convenient integrations in the areas of job boards, background screening, telematics, and more. Say goodbye to system-switching fatigue, missing information, and skipped-over process steps.

Full Suite of Interconnected Solutions

Tenstreet goes beyond just recruiting. Using Tenstreet’s various systems together maximizes your time saved and the efficiency of your workflows. Visit any of our service pages to learn more about our full suite of products in the following areas:

Employment Verifications

partners with Tenstreet. Private fleets everywhere are on the Tenstreet platform, hiring more drivers faster while keeping customers satisfied with deliveries.
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9 Ways Hiring in Trucking is Unique

Hiring a driver into your private fleet comes with its own set of challenges and considerations - download our guide to learn what you should keep in mind when making your next driver hire!

7 Ways To Shorten Time to Hire with Tenstreet

Download our best tips for private fleets to hire more drivers, faster.

  • “Having the IntelliApp is just a huge advantage for us. It includes a level of automation that is far superior than anything we’ve had before, and integrates with PSP, Workday, Clearinghouse, and background vendors to streamline the entire recruiting process all in one place. It also allows drivers to apply so quickly. We used to spend half our time walking guys through how to use our application process. Now, we don’t spend that time anymore, we don’t lose applicants, and we get so many more complete applications. We’ve seen at least a 30% increase in volume since we’ve started with Tenstreet!”

    Mike Franco, Manager of Driver Recruiting – Tyson & Logistics

  • “Once we started using Concierge and Job store, our applicant flow dramatically increased. With the help of the Tenstreet team we were shown how to better advertise and ensure our job descriptions were as attractive as possible to applicants. The Concierge team helped us get our ad out there in a very streamlined way by advertising through Job Store. I love that I’m able to see easily where our numbers are. The biggest thing is that our conversion rate is so much higher – we have surpassed the number of hires we made in all of 2020 already before this year has ended, thanks to Tenstreet.”

    Rebekah Landers, Talent Acquisition Manager – Papa John’s

  • “From the beginning, the customer service has been amazing. Everyone we talk to is an expert – which is so important in this industry. They’re flexible, easy to work with, and actually want to help – they even got us up and running faster than we were ready to go! The fact that drivers can fill out an application in under ten minutes and we can manage our entire hiring process – including the safety component – within Tenstreet is huge. But the people and the customer service really are the best part. Tenstreet is a great partner and true partnership with solution providers is really important to us.”

    Christine Iovaldi, Brand Manager – Dot Foods, Inc.