• Find more drivers in less time

    One place, more than 20 job boards.

    Whether you’re looking for one driver or one thousand, Tenstreet brings everyone together under one roof so you can buy and manage all your advertising from one integrated storefront. Leave the ad agencies behind and get quality leads that accelerate hiring, not just volume.

  • Get free, full applications

    Meet drivers where they live.

    Showcase your company to the largest stream of job-seeking drivers in the industry. Our free driver app boasts tens of thousands of drivers each day and bridges the gap between drivers and recruiters, getting you more applications and hires, faster response times, and more engaged drivers.

  • Stay on top of every lead

    A virtual recruiter that never quits.

    Your recruiters don’t always have time to call every lead. But that doesn’t mean you should lose your advertising investment. Eliminate busy work and improve candidate response with personalized messaging that ensures leads won’t slip through the cracks.

Job Store

Makes advertising easy by listing your openings on over 25 popular job boards, including many trucking specific sites, all through one platform. Makes attribution easy so you can easily see what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing Concierge

Guides you on your hiring journey so you get the most out of your marketing dollars. This free service can help you write effective job postings, ensure your landing pages are properly staged, manage your recruitment dollars across our merchant base, and show you which boards work best for you.

Job Board Scrubber

Automatically nurture all your job board leads for you so they don’t fall through the cracks. Drivers are emailed immediately after they apply and then repeatedly with a series of well-timed emails.

Continuation IntelliApp

Notifies your recruiters of stalled drivers who have started an application but haven’t finished, giving them a chance to re-engage drivers and help them pick up where they left off.

Landing Pages

Boost your conversion rates with a lead-Intelliapp that gives drivers the ability to upgrade to a full IntelliApp. Complete with your company content and branding.

Drip Marketing

Automated email and text campaigns ensure the right messages reach the right candidates at the right times, helping you target the driver audience you’re interested in attracting.

Driver Pulse Mobile App

Drastically expedites your marketing efforts by showcasing your company to over 190,000 drivers a month, resulting in fresh applications and new hires at no cost to you. Available on iOS and Android.

IntelliApp Statistics

Provides visibility to all your application data through pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs so you can easily identify trends that help you improve your application process.


Provides easy-to-use attribution tracking with the simple goal of helping you see which application sources bring you the highest ROI so you can market more effectively without the tedium of those tiresome spreadsheets.

Reconnect Tool

Tracks accidents, violations, and experience for prospective drivers so you can hire them when they’re qualified to join your team.

Refer a Friend

Offers drivers an easy way to refer while offering carriers accurate payout and attribution reporting on both referring and referred drivers.

Pulse Match

Shows your job postings to candidates who meet the qualifications you’ve set for the position, keeping scattershot applicants out of your pool. Only pay a low price-per-application when you get one, and not a thing until then.

Included Services

Our software was designed with the transportation industry in mind. These free, configurable options are automatically built-in and included:

  • Active Jobs
  • Automation
  • Driver Pulse App
  • Free Origins
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    Tell us about the biggest problems your business faces.

    We’ll equip you on your fight forward.
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    We’ll become one of the team.
  • Step 3. Grow with us

    Easily overcome new challenges as you continue to grow.

    We’ll give you your time back.

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  • “From recruiting drivers to building a paperless driver qualification file to safety – the savings in time and effort by integrating so fully with Tenstreet has been phenomenal. Our entire company likes Tenstreet; we use it thoroughly with every driver.”

    Tim Norlin
    Roehl, VP of Driver Employment

  • “We have been working with Tenstreet for almost ten years. Tenstreet has completely changed how we operate and recruit drivers. It has made us all more efficient and able to get drivers to work in a more timely manner. We would recommend Tenstreet to anyone without hesitation!”

    Deborah Johnson
    Prime Drivers, Executive Vice President

  • “Since starting with Concierge, the volume of applications we get in a month has at least tripled. To increase the number of applications in this tight labor market has been a game changer. Our advertising costs have significantly decreased, while our hires have increased. The team is so helpful. I highly recommend every organization take advantage of the free concierge services!”

    Sarah Frasure
    Proficient Auto Transport, Recruiting Manager