• Make it easy on drivers


    Unburden your drivers by offering them the only mobile-first, DOT-compliant application that prefills their information 90% of the time. Experienced drivers complete your application in minutes, increasing the number of full applications you receive and the number of hires you achieve.

  • Find and hire more drivers


    Drivers prefer the IntelliApp because it stores their data. After they complete the initial application, all subsequent applications pre-populate, increasing your application volumes and helping you fill your fleet faster. With 9 out of 10 drivers on our network, you can’t lose.

  • Meet drivers where they live


    Drivers are busy, just like you. With drivers completing over 83% of onboarding events on mobile devices, having a mobile-first application process is essential. Move away from paper applications and in-person processes and give drivers a way to apply while on the road.


Leverages saved driver data for personal information, licenses, accidents, and violations, reducing the application time to minutes and increasing your volume of applications.

Digital Signature Capability

Includes digital-signature technology compliant with DOT regulations, allowing drivers to complete applications and sign releases online.


Make the IntelliApp fit your needs. From a two-question lead form to a multi-page application, you choose color schemes, add custom questions, and more.

Responsively Compliant

Automatically adapts based on the latest Ban The Box and Pay Equity Laws for the state in which you’re hiring, making it easy to keep up with changes at the state and federal level.

DOT Gap-Checking

Cross-references information provided in previous applications to detect gaps in employment – getting you a better picture of a driver’s employment history.

Driver Pulse App

Drastically expedite your recruiting efforts by showcasing your company to over 190,000 drivers a month, resulting in fresh applications and new hires at no cost to you. Available for drivers on iOS and Android.

Customizable Workflow

Route applications based on recruiters, processors, worklists, scoring, notifications, statuses, tags, or however else your business runs.

Heat Map

Shows applicants which states you’re hiring in, letting them easily see what positions are best suited for them.

Advanced Automation

Removes routine tasks from a recruiter’s day to ensure consistency, freeing teams to concentrate on high-value activities that are best suited for people.
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    We’ll equip you on your fight forward.
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    Get up and running quickly with personalized trainings and ongoing education.

    We’ll become one of the team.
  • Step 3. Grow with us

    Easily overcome new challenges as you continue to grow.

    We’ll give you your time back.

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7 Ways the Intelliapp Shifts your Hiring into Overdrive

Learn more about the power of pre-population and how this online, mobile-first, DOT-compliant application will work to deliver you more applications and more hires.

  • “I’ve used Tenstreet for many years and love the ease of this system. I can literally complete a full application and have the file almost completed before the driver even gets to class! Keep up the good work!”

    Lauren Brewer – Church Transportation & Logistics, Inc.

  • “Before the IntelliApp, we were using an application that was so lengthy and took applicants forever to fill it out – we had to call every single person to check in with them and make sure they had the right experience. Once we implemented the IntelliApp however, the floodgates immediately opened – we starting getting a HUGE number of applicants. I felt like we were in the stone age before! Having the IntelliApp helped us improve our applicant flow and hire more drivers.”

    Rebekah Landers, Talent Acquisition Manager – Papa John’s International

  • “Before using the IntelliApp, we used a web application with complicated validation rules, making it challenging to obtain the required DOT data. It also didn’t offer a way to track driver application progress, so we couldn’t see where drivers were falling off. When drivers started asking for the IntelliApp by name, we looked into it and signed up. We have been thrilled with the results! It does everything our old application couldn’t and stores drivers’ information for them– making it quicker for them to complete and guaranteeing us more full applications.”

    Pamela Caraway, Director of Recruiting- TransAm Trucking

  • “There’s a lot of software products out there that are not built for the volume of applications that are coming in today. We’re able to open the door from what we used to be able to process – for example, given 100 applications, I can pass through tenfold of that today with much more ease for my recruiters.”

    Joe Goering- ATS

  • “Since we started using Tenstreet the number of completed applications has more than doubled!!! We love the service and have recommended it to our sister company as well.”

    Trisha Garvey Director of Planning & Development- Genox Transportation Inc.