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    Assign interactive trainings on a wide range of new driver preparedness subjects, all made for mobile. You’ll save time and money on onboarding by ensuring your drivers are ready to hit the road before orientation even begins.

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    Automatically assign corrective training, schedule new training, and push refreshers out regularly to keep your fleet sharp. We update courses with the latest regulations, making it easy to retrain drivers on important issues and instill a culture where safety is a priority.

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    We understand every fleet operates differently. With Tenstreet’s training solution, carriers can include custom training on items like pay, maintenance, cybersecurity, or any additional courses specific to your needs to ensure your fleet operates to your standards.

Training Content Library Bundles Available

Canada Bundle

  • Canadian Hours of Service (Driving North of Latitude 60°N)
  • Canadian Hours of Service (Driving South of Latitude 60°N)
  • ELD Compliance- Canada Class

Cargo Securement Bundle

  • Auto Hauler Cargo Securement
  • Dry Van Cargo Securement
  • General Cargo Securement- All Trailer Types
  • Handling and Documenting Cargo
  • Proper Weight Distribution

Compliance Bundle

  • C-TPAT Overview
  • HIPAA Training
  • Licensing, Permits, and Reporting
  • Requirement for Drivers Operating Intermodal Equipment
  • Spotted Lanternfly

Construction Bundle

  • Dump Truck Safety and Operation
  • Fall Protection for Construction Workers
  • Proper PPE Usage
  • Respiratory Hazards in Construction

CSA Bundle

  • BASICs- Controlled Substances/Alcohol
  • BASICs- Crash Indicator
  • BASICs- Driver Fitness
  • BASICs- Hazardous Materials Compliance
  • BASICs- Hours-of-Service Compliance
  • BASICs- Unsafe Driving
  • BASICs- Vehicle Maintenance
  • CSA

Defensive Driving Bundle

  • Avoiding Animal Collisions
  • Avoiding Fixed Objects
  • Bridges and Overpasses
  • Changing Lanes Safely
  • Controlling Road Rage
  • Dangers of Speeding
  • Defensive Driving
  • Driving in Construction Zones
  • Fundamentals of Recognizing Hazards
  • Hazard Perception
  • Preventing Hard Brake Events
  • School Zone Safety
  • Space Management
  • Stationary Object Strikes

Drug and Alcohol Bundle

  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse- Driver Registration 
  • Drug and Alcohol- Overview of Testing Procedures
  • Drug and Alcohol- Pre Employment
  • Drug and Alcohol- Post-Accident Testing
  • Drug and Alcohol- Random Testing
  • Drug and Alcohol- Reasonable Suspicion
  • Drug and Alcohol- Return-to-Duty and Follow-Up Testing
  • Education and Awareness- Drug-Impaired Driving
  • Education and Awareness- Drunk Driving
  • Education and Awareness- Overview of Testing Procedures
  • Reasonable Suspicion

ELDT Theory Instruction Bundles

  • ELDT HM Bundle
  • ELDT Passenger Bundle
  • ELDT Class A Bundle
  • ELDT Class A to B Bundle
  • ELDT Class B Bundle

For a full list of classes included in each ELDT Theory Instruction Bundle, please refer to this cutsheet.

Flatbed Bundle

  • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Flatbed Trailer
  • Flatbed Cargo Securement
  • Tarping Basics

French Language Bundle

  • COVID-19 Safety Class (Cours de sécurité COVID-19)
  • Dehydration (Cours sur la déshydratation)
  • Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection (Cours d’inspections avant et après le voyage)
  • Texting and Driving (Cours sur le textage au volant)

Fuel Efficiency Bundle

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Efficiency- Cargo Securement and Distribution
  • Fuel Efficiency- Driving Skills and Behavior
  • Fuel Efficiency- Idling, Speed, and Cruise Control
  • Fuel Efficiency- Tire Pressure
  • Fuel Efficiency- Trip Planning and Route Management
  • Idling

General Topics Bundle

  • Caring for Elderly Parents
  • Cybersecurity
  • How to Use Driver Pulse
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Workplace Diversity

Hazmat Bundle

  • Exposure Control
  • Hazardous Materials Spill Response
  • HM- Bulk Packages
  • HM- Emergency Response
  • HM- Fueling
  • HM- Hazardous Materials Safety Permits (HMSP)
  • HM- Introduction to Basic Requirements
  • HM- Operational Requirements
  • HM- Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings & Tunnels
  • HM- Reporting Crashes and Releases
  • HM- Routes and Route Planning
  • HM- Tire Check
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Marks, Labels, and Other Forms of Warnings

Health and Wellness Bundle

  • Biometric Screening
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Budgeting and Setting Financial Goals
  • COVID-19 Safety
  • Dehydration
  • Driver Wellness
  • Eating Healthy on the Road
  • Exercising on the Road
  • Fatigue Management
  • Financial Wellness
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness While Trucking
  • Maintaining a Healthy Back
  • Managing Long Distance Relationships
  • Medical Requirements
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Optimism and Gratitude
  • Preventing and Managing High Blood Pressure
  • Strategies for Being Comfortable in Your Cab
  • Understanding and Managing Diabetes

Hours of Service Bundle

  • Completing Paper Logs
  • Hours of Service Exemptions
  • Hours of Service Requirements
  • Hours of Service- 30-Minute Break
  • Hours of Service- 60/70 Hour Limit
  • Hours of Service- ELD Rule
  • Hours of Service- Intrastate Requirements for Florida
  • Hours of Service- Rules Overview
  • Personal Conveyance

Injury Prevention Bundle

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Body Protection
  • Ergonomics and Wellness
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Fall Protection for Non-Construction Workers
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety and Operation
  • Fire Safety
  • Foot and Leg Protection
  • Hand and Arm Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Ladder Safety and Operation
  • Proper Lifting Techniques
  • Sleep Apnea and Your CDL
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Three Points of Contact

Inspections Bundle

  • International Roadcheck 2022
  • Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections
  • Roadside Inspections

Loading and Unloading Bundle

  • Backing and Docking Procedures
  • Coupling/Uncoupling
  • Dock Safety
  • Forklift Safety
  • Forklift Training
  • Pallet Jack Safety
  • Safety Backing
  • Safe Loading and Unloading

Maintenance Bundle

  • Brake Safety
  • Caring for Air Lines
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Maintenance
  • TIre Care

Office Safety Bundle

  • Active Shooter Preparedness
  • Proper Fitting and Removal of Masks
  • Workplace Violence

OSHA Bundle

  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Hazard Communication
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • OSHA Standards for Trucking
  • Proper Fitting and Removal of Respirators
  • Respirator Maintenance and Care
  • Respiratory Hazards in General Industry
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Whistleblower Protection

Passenger Bundle

  • ADA Requirements
  • Bus Operation and Safety
  • Fueling Passenger Vehicles
  • Hours of Service- Passenger-Carrying Drivers
  • Passenger Baggage and Cargo Management
  • Passenger Management
  • Passenger Safety and Security
  • Passenger Vehicles- RR-Highway Grade Crossings & Drawbridges
  • Passenger Vehicle Orientation
  • Passenger Vehicle Control Systems
  • Post-Crash Procedures for Passenger Vehicles
  • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Passenger

Refrigerated Bundle

  • FDA Food Transport Controls
  • Refrigerated Unit Cargo Securement
  • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Refrigerated Trailer

Safety Bundle

  • Antilock Braking Systems
  • Approaching Intersections Safely
  • Basic Control Procedures
  • Best Practices for Scale Houses
  • Dangers of Tailgating
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
  • ELD Compliance
  • Following Traffic Signs and Signals
  • Handheld Device Restrictions
  • Implicit Bias Training
  • Mountain Driving
  • Night Operation
  • Post-Crash Procedures
  • Preparing for Areas of Civil Unrest
  • Preventing Backing Collisions
  • Preventing Cargo Thefts
  • Preventing Jackknifes
  • Preventing Rear-End Collisions
  • Proper Right Hand Turns
  • Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
  • Recognizing Staged Accidents
  • Rollover Prevention
  • Run Under Crashes
  • Rural Driving
  • Seatbelt Safety
  • Sharing the Road with Pedestrians
  • Skid Control and Recovery
  • Speed Management
  • Texting and Driving Dangers
  • Triangle Placement
  • Trip Planning
  • Truckstop Parking Safety

Soft Skills Bundle

  • Dealing with Stress
  • Communication in a Multigenerational Workforce
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Working Under Pressure

Spanish Language Bundle

  • Active Shooter Preparedness (Clase de preparación ante un tirador active)
  • BASICs – Controlled Substances/Alcohol (BASICs – Sustancias controladas/ Clase de alcohol)
  • BASICs – Crash Indicator (BASICs – Clase de indicador de colisión)
  • BASICs – Driver Fitness (BASICs – Clase de aptitud para el conductor)
  • BASICs – Hazardous Materials Compliance (BASICs – Clase de cumplimiento de materiales peligrosos)
  • BASICs – Hours-of-Service Compliance (BASICs – Clase de cumplimiento de horas de service)
  • BASICs – Unsafe Driving (BASICs – Clase de conducción insegura)
  • COVID-19 Safety (Clase de seguridad COVID 19)
  • CSA (Clase CSA)
  • Dangers of Speeding (Peligros de la clase de exceso de velocidad)
  • Defensive Driving (Clase de conducción defensiva)
  • Dehydration (Clase de deshidratación)
  • Distracted Driving (Clase de conducción distraída)
  • Driver Wellness (Clase de bienestar para conductors)
  • Driving in Construction Zones (Clase de conducción en zonas de construcción)
  • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions (Clase de conducción en condiciones meteorológicas adversas)
  • Drug and Alcohol (Clase de drogas y alcohol)
  • Fatigue Management (Clase de gestion de la fatiga)
  • General Preventative Maintenance (Clase de mantenimiento preventivo general)
  • HM – Introduction to Basic Requirements (Materiales Peligrosos – Clase de introducción a los requisitos básicos)
  • HM – Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings & Tunnels (Materiales Peligrosos – Clase de túneles y pasos a nivel de ferrocarril carretera)
  • HM – Reporting Crashes and Releases (Materiales Peligrosos – Clase de informes de fallas y lanzamientos)
  • HM – Routes and Route Planning (Materiales Peligrosos – Clase de planificación de rutas y rutas)
  • Seat Belt Safety (Clase de seguridad del cinturón de seguridad)
  • Texting and Driving (Clase de manejo y mensajes de texto)

Supervisor Training Bundle

  • Coercion Training
  • Empathy for Driver-Facing Personnel
  • Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors – Alcohol
  • Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors – Controlled Substances
  • Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors – Introduction
  • Workplace Harassment for Supervisors – Awareness and Prevention
  • Workplace Harassment for Supervisors- Receiving Complaints

Tanker Bundle

  • Confined Space Training
  • Driving a Tank Trailer Safely
  • H2S Training
  • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Tank Trailer

Winter Safety Bundle

  • Using Ice Cleats
  • Using Tire Chains
  • Winter Driving

Workplace Harassment Bundle

  • Workplace Harassment- Awareness and Prevention
  • Workplace Harassment- Introduction
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