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“You could be charging a small fee for this, but you’re not. You deserve a big 5 stars. Thank you for helping me to get the job I want.”

– Jamelle Bazile

“This app is incredible! If you’re a CDL driver looking for jobs, you have found a home! You can’t go wrong brothers and sisters, and besides, it’s FREE!”

– PM Jones

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Driver Applications through Tenstreet


At Tenstreet, we understand how valuable your time is – it’s difficult to fill out a driver application for every job you want to apply to when you’re out on the road. 

Carriers, meanwhile, struggle to process all the driver applications they get and are slow to identify which candidates are best suited to their openings, leading to missed connections. 

That’s why we developed IntelliApp, a commercial driver application that simplifies the process by helping drivers fill out their information via a single, efficient process. Using our Tenstreet Driver Pulse app, you can fill out your application for employment as a driver and your information is saved, meaning future applications get completed in just a few minutes. 

We have thousands of job offers listed on the app from over 4,100 carriers that work with us, so no matter what type of driving job you’re looking for, you can be sure that you’ll find options that suit you in the Pulse app.

Once you apply, you can track the entire truck driver employment application process within the app and know exactly what your next steps are, as well as communicate with recruiters and submit documents to make the process go even faster.

We understand how lengthy and complicated a job search can be when you have to fill out applications manually each time, so having the option of automating most  of the driver application form means that you can send out more applications, engage with more carriers, and have more control over what type of employment situation suits your needs best.

Since finding the perfect job can be a lengthy and challenging process, having an app that can automate and simplify the majority of the steps is a huge benefit. This is why our app has been so popular among thousands of drivers who have been able to find the right match for their skills and preferences.

Application Transparency


Privacy of Driver Pulse users’ data is a central foundation that we always have maintained, and always will. Drivers trust us to collect and house millions of job applications containing sensitive applicant data, and we take that trust seriously.

Occasionally drivers wonder if their data is safe with us: are we going to share their data with carriers they didn’t apply to?, are we going to sell it? The answers to these concerns is no, and never. Driver data belongs to the driver, not to us. Put simply, to share that data with other carriers or to sell it would go against everything we believe in. We won’t do it – we never have and we never will.

To prove our commitment to the protection of driver data, we have created the Application Transparency view in Driver Pulse. This feature gives you greater visibility into where you have shared your application data and what companies have access to it. The feature also gives you more control over how you can be contacted (by email, text, or the Driver Pulse app). 

To see all the carriers who have ever received your application data (the Application Transparency view), tap the blue “How’d my data get here?” link on your Driver Pulse home screen. For more information about Application transparency click here.

Simplified Recruiting Means Simplified Applying


Pulse is meant to bridge the gap between drivers and recruiters, and we’ve built a process on the recruiting side for processing driver job applications that makes it easier for drivers as well.

Carriers can customize the entire driver application form and make sure that they only display the information that is necessary, making sure you aren’t wasting your time by supplying useless data on a company’s truck driver job application. When using the Pulse app, carriers won’t have to worry about updating drivers about the status of their driver application form, as everything will be done automatically through the app. It’s even possible to share and sign documents within the app so the hiring process can be made as efficient as possible.

In the end, the app’s main purpose is relatively simple – to enable companies that want to find the ideal candidates for their positions, and eliminate the time and resource constraints that would prevent going through truck driver application forms quickly.

Do More With Tenstreet


With so many of our daily and professional tasks now made easier by technology, it’s only reasonable that you can also use an app that will streamline the job search and hiring process.

With Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse, both applicants and recruiters gain much more control. This not only saves time but increases the likelihood of finding an ideal match.

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